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Originally Posted by shelbyfv View Post
I have 3 bikes with A520s. To my surprise, all 6 pedals were oriented the same way. Spring end down, toe end up and angled slightly to the back of the bike. I spun a few and they all returned to the same position. It must be a design "feature." I can see that it might allow one to give a little kick forward and be clipped in.
Nashbar's cheap "Rodeo" pedals are designed the same. I think it's great. For clipless, it's just like my old Look road pedals -- click in from below & behind, lead with the toe. Easy ...especially for anyone who's used Look, Time TBT/RXS/iClic, Shimano SPD-SL, etc. For street shoes, you bring your foot down from above & in front, and you're on the rat trap. Simple.

If they hung clipless side up, you'd have to kick them over with the toes of your street shoes. If you're heading out for a lunchtime errand in polished leather dress shoes, that would be asking for trouble.

It's clearly better that the A520's hang the way they do. Sure, it's unnatural for those of you who grew up with SPD-like mountain clipless pedals that require you to just mash your foot down. But I expect you can learn to use the A520s if you really want that side for street shoes.
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