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Thanks, Andrew Stewart.
No, I'm not super-fussed about the outcome, but I obviously don't want it to look too crappy. As the "joke" goes, I'd like to look good with 20/20 vision: at a distance of 20 feet while going 20km/h. Boom boom.

If I put a million stickers on it, like I usually do, it'll look fine enough. It's one of my "nasty" crit/training bikes, so it's not like it's a coffee shop showpiece. I got it used on Ebay (for $35!!! Without a fork or headset), so it came with a couple of scratches and small dents.

I did a little sanding today, and found that the "decals" are painted on.

I'm hoping that I just have to slightly rough-up the areas to be painted, so the paint will stick properly, right? The paint won't stick to the current clear, right?

Thanks, Tallrider. No, my time is cheap, but I hope it doesn't require too much of it.

Thanks, Retro Grouch (still one of the best user names ).
I'm usually easily pleased with my cheap, rattle-can paint jobs. Sure, they look a bit "bumpy" up close, but it depends on the colour.
Hmm, it sounds like optimism of find a similar colour was misplaced
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