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Originally Posted by squatchy View Post
Your planning on dumping way to much into that bike. I think you should just get something new and sell the Allez
Originally Posted by kleng View Post
Just get the new venge, you'll eventually be heading in that direction anyway
I agree.

The Allez sport is a fine frame...but it is a lower end frame. Imagine it as a V6 Mustang and you're talking about putting racing components on it. It would probably be wiser to start with a better car to begin with. To add to that, the Venge and Allez really are different beasts...if you're craving the ride of the Venge, there's little you're going to do to a Allez to make it perform like one. Having spent time on many of them...the Tarmac is a bit more snappy than the Allez...and lighter too. A top end Allez (different frame than the sport) can be set up to pretty much play like an alu version of the Tarmac. The Venge, on the other hand, is a different bike entirely.

Either way, plopping top end components on an entry frame isn't really the best idea. Especially if you want something totally different in the first place. I'd go with the Venge and save the Allez for a beater bike...
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