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Originally Posted by Redrom
Boy, are we all a bit cynical? I think the reasons are much more subtle than we are going on about. We don't want to become the elitist snobs that keep people away from cycling...
Yes, we don't want to be one of those roadies our mothers warned us about. Cycling is a lot of things. It can be transportation, a hobby, exercise, a sport, an obsession. And it can be more than one thing to each person. But the reasons we ride a bike are probably very similar. And not everybody shares that. Cycling makes sense to us, but it doesn't make sense to everybody.

If we're talking about biking as recreation and a hobby... well there are lots of those out there.Some people go to the gym. Some people like theater, some people go to the movies, or play video games. I don't get stamp collecting. Some people love it.

The original question is: why do so few people find biking a pleasure? That could mean: why do so few people choose cycling as a hobby? Well... somewhere along the way they took up stamp collecting, or video games, or rock climbing, or kayaking, or knitting instead.

It could mean: why do so few people take up biking for exercise? Well, there are lots of ways to exercise and biking happens to be one of them. I don't like jogging. Gyms make me nuts. Biking just makes more sense to me. But that's me.

Or it could mean: why do some cyclists seem to take it way too seriously and don't seem to enjoy biking as recreation and a hobby? Because some cyclists like to challenge themselves to ride faster, further, climb faster, push their heartrates up, and ride until their legs fall off. Someone in the forums wrote that "pacelines are my crack." Other forum members think nothing of riding 200 miles in a day. There ya go.

So there are lots of answers to that question because there are so many ways to enjoy cycling... racing and club rides, biking to work, a week-long tour, a double century, climbing the Rockies, taking the kids around the block, and going for a Sunday afternoon ten-mile ride. We're motivated to do different things within the sport. It just makes sense to us.
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