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Originally Posted by madbiker555
I now fear dirtjumping, it's not the size of the jumps, it's me. I have somehow started landing on my back wheel when landing on the other dj, this causes me to go into an uncontrolled manual and resulting in falling on my back. What am I doing wrong here? Am I pulling up too much? Leaning back too far? Help is appreaciated because a friend and I just found some sick new djs.

Thanks in advance.
Fix this fast, I did exactly that just once, it litterally never happened to me before, and I broke my ankle the first time I did it. Whats the chances of that?

Anyways I dont know what to say, maybe your keeping your legs locked stiff straight? That would cause it. If thats it, keep your legs slightly bent and pull your frame up towads your butt.
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