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From Road to Wall, What's Best?

Doing some year end reflecting and realize that I haven't ridden my vintage Shogun once this year. As I am another year older I realize that I just don't need so many bikes hanging up in the garage, silently mocking me for not riding them. Since the value of the Samurai is pretty much nil, I don't want to go through the hassle of selling it on Ebay (Craigslist here in the middle of nowhere is not a viable option) and so I want to hang it from the rafters as a display piece of 1980's cycling history.

When turning a rider into a museum piece, is it best to degrease bearings, chain, etc. and hang it up? I use synthetic grease, if I leave it as is will synthetics turn to solid like conventional grease? What about the stem & seat post to prevent them from seizing up, anti-seize of some kind? Thank you for any helpful guidance anyone can send my way.
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