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Originally Posted by The Golden Boy View Post
I keep saying I don't have any winter projects- however touching up the paint on this bike is one thing I'd like to do this winter.

I'm not saying this rudely or accusatorily, I'm asking- How would one say these are underrated?

IMO, the Tenax Voyageurs are second to the Voyageur SPs. Nothing wrong with any other Voyageurs- but at the time these bikes came out, the concept of the "touring bike" had really been fully realized- the amount of braze ons is pretty much stunning. The function, gearing, componentry and style of these Voyageurs is the apex peak of touring bikes. While I think the old chrome Voyageurs look the best (because full chrome bikes dominate- it's just "fact"), these mid 80s green ones are the 2nd coolest looking. IMO.

I'd also like to get my filthy paws on a Passage.
I feel theyre underated because the average bike snob looks at anything that says Schwinn and dismisses it instantly. Vintage guys are a whole different niche.
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