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Originally Posted by iamlucky13
I can't see any shifter pods, so my guess is the same as 2manybikes: it's a custom CVT. If I remember correctly, Honda played around with a CVT for a while on their DH bike, but switched to a slightly more conventional system (basically like normal but enclosed). This looks like quite a bit of effort was made at quite a bit of cost, both in terms of dollars and efficiency. Besides, who worries about shifting that much in a dirt jumping bike (my best guess as to what it's for)?

Ugliness aside, seriously check out the way the transmission is mounted. This guy spent hours machining those profiles to mount the bearings in. That part, at least, is pretty sweet.
A lot of nice machining, just for the sake of ..um...showing off your skill at machining?

There was a motorcycle with a CVT transmission, I think it was the "Rokon" they just sort of faded away.

It was wierd to see, there is this bike going up hills slow, down hill faster, and along the flats in between, all the time the engine sound stayed the same at a steady rpm. I would guess the creators of this bike are thinking that you find a comfortable cadence and just keep it the same. But there are some good reasons to change it on a bicycle too. Maybe there is some kind of manual control? I don't see one.

Originally Posted by shane45
On the positive side, the thing only weighs 124 lbs.
I had a bike that was about 198 lbs. But there was a good reason for it.......
It had a big transmission too. A couple of gallons of gas and an engine too.
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