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I almost always bring two bottles. It's better to have too much than too little.

For rides over 3 hours I'll bring something like a Cliff Bar or plan on stopping at a gas station for a snack. I'll also have a sports drink in my water bottles usually diluted about 50%.

For things like a supported century ride, I'll bring a Cliff Bar and/or a GU gel pack plus sports drink in the bottles. Often I don't touch the Cliff Bar/Gu if the rest stops are good, but it's still better to bring too much especially if miss a rest stop.

For something like an unsupported century, I'll have my pockets stuffed with stuff and plan on stopping at a gas station. I even bring a lot of quarters on one such century as there's few places to get food or drink and one of them is a soda machine next to a grain silo.
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