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Originally Posted by floating dutchy View Post
Yea? I like the look of the bigger rotor on the front, form following function I guess, I do like having a 180 up front and a 160 back there, Makes the brakes feel more even.
Don't misunderstand, dutch. I'm sure there are rotors that are aesthetically pleasing, and yet their performance is sub-par. Maybe I've been lucky, but I've never actually run into such a scenario. Probably because skulls and bones aren't really that appealing to me. haha! For instance, I just purchased some Hope rotors (203F/183R) and while they are quite impressive to look at, their performance is also top notch. Granted they are on a trail bike, and like you I'm not too concerned with them overheating. It's a good conversation, anyway. Now that I'm wondering about it, it's very possible that the composition of the rotor is of significant importance.
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