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I usually drink a liter just before leaving on a ride, so on short 1-hr weekday rides I usually don't bring anything. On longer weekend rides of up to two hours I'll usually just bring one water bottle; I might drink it all in the warm mid-summer weather (might even bring a second bottle if its really warm). But in the winter it usually doesn't move out of the bottle cage unless its a longer ride. And I only put water into the bottles, maybe a pinch of salt and/or sugar if the water is a little too 'hard' or 'backish' for my taste buds.

Food: on an all-day ride I usually don't bring any, just stop for a quick lunch somewhere. As long as you're eating a balanced diet, maybe a few extra calories the day before a long ride, it shouldn't matter; I used to be heavily into mountain climbing and the axiom we used was you be in good shape to use the 'energy' you consumed the day before. And if you do a little research you'll find it takes quite some time for food to go through your body's digestive processes to where it can be turned into useable fuel for your cells. I don't believe the hype for stuff like gels and sports drinks.
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