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Originally Posted by bjtesch View Post
I've noticed with laptops YMMV. My daughter, my mother and I all had Dell laptops. My battery lasted for about 4 years, my mother's and my daughters lasted less than 2 years. I am on my second Dell laptop now and at 5 years old its battery still has a lot of capacity. I use the laptop several times a week, and about every third time I use it I use the battery, the other 2 times I use the AC adapter. I have a small Toshiba laptop that I use once or twice a week and it has plenty of battery capacity still, I think it is three years old now.

Regarding my daughter's old laptop- I bought her a replacement battery on ebay. I looked at a lot of vendors and worried about buying a generic brand battery, but I figured if the OEM batteries could be so bad then I couldn't do any worse by buying a generic battery. I searched ebay sellers for one that had a lot of feedback and high percentage of good feedback, bought from them, and the battery worked fine.

I had a separate thread here recently about cordless drills. I got a new DeWalt for my use but I also ordered a cheap generic battery for my old DeWalt so I will see how it works out. The drill was useless without a battery and couldn't bear to throw it away so I bought a battery to make it actually work again. I'll keep it for a spare or give it to a family member.
If you crack open those battery packs, there are usually some CR123a, 14500 or 18650 batteries inside.
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