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Liked 0 Times in 0 Posts for the full-out train-with-power experience for <$100 initial outlay and $10/month. Yes, I'm their unofficial supershill, but it's that good. Cancel anytime if you dont' like it, but I'll bet you'll like it if you're interested in training with power. If you hated indoor training I'd say stay away (it's all indoors) but since you're already doing it, it'll put your indoor training on the fast track.

I would prefer having with the virtualpower setup for training over a powertap (I have one) with no trainerroad indoors - it wouldn't even be a close comparison in my book.

I've read all the books, and while they're ok, honestly, you'll get most of the information from the books from the website. You will learn far, far, more from actually DOING the workouts than just reading about them. You probably don't think a workout like 3 x 20min @ threshold is a hard workout, but once you do it, you'll quickly realize how death that is. Similarly, something that sounds like cake like 80% FTP for 3 hrs, actually feels pretty tough if you actually do it. I found that after reading the book, I was concocting all sorts of trainng plans, but had a rude awakening the moment I started doing them and realizing how hard they were. I would honestly say that 1 month training with TrainerRoad was far, far more educational about power-based training, so much so I no longer recommend the books anymore, since has most of the core info on it, and Trainerroad supplies everything else in a immediately practicable way for nonexperts.

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