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Originally Posted by fietsbob View Post
there are Hub dynamo based lights with a USB plug in , to trickle charge at a USB low level ..

to solar charge the 12v battery, a solar panel big enough to require a 2 wheel Bike Trailer
will be about right.
Do you have any experience with these? I remember riding my gradfather's bike a long time ago with a dynamo that lit up a headlight... that's about as far as my experience goes. I'm just wondering if the efficiency is well enough that you don't experience drag.

When I said "driven" I meant constrained. You can charge your light and phone from any of the USB compatible battery packs available today and 10000mAH should be more than enough. IMHO solar or dyno hubs are only necessary if you are touring places like the Dawson Trail or Mongolia. Here is a nice external battery. I would not want to carry a 5lbs gel cell around given the lighter and higher capacity external batteries you can get today.
Ahh I see. Yeah I checked out that link. Those look pretty nice. Available in "6 sexy colors" too. lol

Seriously, those do look pretty good. Definitely lighter than my 5lb battery. I'm not opposed to the weight though since speed is never really a priority and I can granny gear any hill I come across. Mostly, I just want to be as self sufficient as possible on the bike. Like last night, we were out on back roads with no plug-in points available at 10:30 at night. We were also going a route neither of us were familiar with and I was the only one with GPS... luckily, after the phone went dead, we remembered enough how to get home. Having a decent system that is rechargeable + have the ability to recharge myself by some means on the road is a worthy consideration I think.
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