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Originally Posted by randyjawa View Post
Though I have been told, by Bike Forums management, to stop posting on the website, I felt that this thread required closure, on my part.

I received the slides from the OP and have made arrangements to have them processed. Once processed, I will post them with comments on my website. Thanks very much to the OP for his generosity, and he will be given credit for his offering to the vintage bicycle community.

And farewell to the many friends I have made through the Classic and Vintage Forum.
Kudos for the closure post, else I would have not known, and a some point stumbled back to My Ten Speeds when doing another Sekine search. (I lose things, including favorites)

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Disclaimer: 99% of what I know about cycling I learned on BF. That would make, ummm, 1% experience. And a lot of posts.
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