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I struggled with the charging dilema for a few months. I don't do much touring, and not much late night riding. BUT, having remembered my childhood and having a bottle type generator and the convenience that it brought helped to make the decision. That, along with the desire to charge my iPhone and possible GPS. So I have a SON28 dynamo, hooked to a Luxos U headlamp, and a wired tail light/brake light. It's a new system to me, which means that it's winter and extremely cold here so I've not had the opportunity to use it yet. The system has a cache battery as well and usb port. I've had the experience of loosing battery power on rides. No lights in the dark sucks. Loosing battery power on the phone bites, especially when you're being tracked and the tracking stops. Then everyone is wondering why is he not moving? Yes it is an expense, but one has to consider how trouble free these units have been. But, I do get to hear about how I belong to a unique genre of cycle tourists when I go to the LBS. Their thoughts are batteries and LED's. I choose to think differently. But I find it funny that those that don't agree with my thinking have to put me into some funny group! Whatever.
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