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Originally Posted by Darth Lefty View Post
I guess I think of lights as a commuting thing, not touring, I'd plan to be finished for the day by the time it got dark. Especially way up there in the middle of summer where the sun barely sets before it rises again. Still want a light for a holdout.
A good battery operated taillight, and white light light for visibility are all we have ever carried. We use our headlamps if we need to ride in the dark. The taillights are more important for fog rain, tunnels, and other low visibility situations.

IMO- the taillight is the most important, along with reflective panniers, jacket, and helmet. Personally, a dynamo hub would be too much trouble and expense for the few times it would be used. One set of 2A batteries for my tail light will last for a 3 month tour.

This was about midnight in Vancouver, BC where we were planning on starting our ride. Our train was late and we needed to ride from the train station to the B&B we were staying at. Luckily, we stayed at the same place on a previous trip, and thought we could get there in the dark.

My wife uses a Night Rider head light for commuting. It will blind oncoming drivers.
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