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Originally Posted by imi View Post
Same here. Miner's headlamp and small battery tail light.
I wrap the headband round my handlebar bag.
On tour I find I have lights on more often in rainy/foggy conditions than after dark. I put a hi-vis reflective vest on too when I consider visibility requires it.
Yes me too. I go very minimal with lights when on tour. I have been using a high visibility vest also. Last couple tours I didn't even take the headlamp. Most of my night riding on tours is on empty roads with very few intersections, long sight lines, and very light traffic. When it is one car an hour and you can be seen over a mile off I wouldn't be worried even with no lights, and a little $6 blinkie definitely seems adequate to me.

If riding in areas with lots of traffic and lots of other lights to get lost in it can be a different story, but I usually just avoid those situations rather than take more elaborate lighting. For me this is a bigger issue around town at home than on tour.
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