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Any Chemists care to explain?

I spend lots of time on the trainer in the colder months. As a Clyde rider that means lots of sweat. I use plush hand towels to wipe the sweat from my face and head throughout each workout. The problem is as the towel gets soaked in sweat it starts to smell faintly like ammonia. What would cause this? My jerseys do not have this odor. I only use each one trainer session between trips through my laundry. I live out of the city and have my own well, hard water it is. I use Kirkland liquid laundry detergent and have started adding .5-1 cup of baking soda with each load. I wash in cold water. Two questions; what causes this and how do I change it so I don't smell ammonia? I spent 5 years working with NH3 so you might say I've had enough of ammonia for one lifetime.
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