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Don't forget that you may be overly sensitive to NH3 - Mixing in the bicarb is great also do a second rinse - When I really get a serious cleaning of my spandex I wash cold, gentile, soap, then do another cycle cold, gentile, Bicarb - Also remember that we stretch out spandex and clothing then impregnate the material with oils and salts and then take them off thus trapping oil and salts tightly inside the fabric...

I ride at 240# and on an 14 mile ride I can drink three liters of water and still loose 3 lbs at return - Its the first few minutes of sweat that really stinks - I've had patients with good hygiene complain of their body odor and most have been minimal water drinkers - I have been around big fat greasy roofers who did not stink that bad after work because they sweat all day and drank about 3 gallons of water up on the roof in Central Texas - Then I have been around skinny sedate office workers who had that lingering mustiness about them sipping only their next soda and never touching water...

So if your hygiene is good and you are drinking water you may need a check up...

Your sweat is like your urine - If it stinks your probably not drinking enough water - And if you are then somethings up...
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