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Balance bike or pedal bike for 3 year old?

My daughter is about to turn 3. She's a bit tall for her age. Up until now, she's been riding a plastic tricycle (not really a big wheel style, as she sits above the pedals), but she's outgrowing that. She loves it though. I thought it was time to move on to a bicycle for her (she calls this her bicycle and loves riding it on walks with us or just up and down the driveway). I'm trying to decide whether to go with a kids bike with training wheels for her or an actual balance bike. I know I could (probably, not sure I have the right tools) pop pedals and crank off a decent kids' pedal bike and use that as a balance bike for her and then put the pedals back on later, but I've heard other people say that's a lot heavier than an actual balance bike and only works with name brand pedal bikes (because store brand ones don't disassemble as well or something). I'm just trying to get some advice as to what's worked well for other people.

Also, I'm not sure how best to figure out what size I should be looking into for her.

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