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Originally Posted by Black wallnut View Post
Thanks for all the replies.
Jeff, yes I'm diabetic, type 2 very well controlled by diet and exercise. I have a full panel done every six months and my MD and her colleagues are thrilled with my numbers. So much so that they would like for me to take part in group visits so that they can share my success story, something I'm not interested in.

Based on my diet and habits it seems it could be a combination of not hydrated enough and not enough carbs in my diet. I eat salad for lunch nearly every work day. I do not drink enough water, although I think I drink more than most folks. In the warmer months I drink more than a gallon a day not including what I drink while riding, this time of year I drink less than a gallon a day. Often i drink a tall glass before going for a ride. When on the trainer I drink about a large bottle and half for an hour session.
Sounds like you're doing pretty well. I'm late-onset Type 1: it showed up when I was 29, two weeks after I got married. 20 years later, my endocrinologist says I'm doing OK.
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