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Buy once and buy right was a decision I wanted to make.
What worked best for me was a Dynamo hub, E-werk and cache battery.
For my use there is not currently a better all round solution (IMHO).
If there was, I reckon I'd have it.
I decided I wanted a serious, fit and forget solution.
I'd had enough of wasting money in a fruitless attempt to save it.
I'm not going to bother leaving quotes and links as its all been done before in other threads.
Dynamo hub was the best investment I ever made and I'm so pleased with it, I'm building a trailer with a dynamo hub, in mirror image of my bicycles front wheel, in order to charge my laptop and photographic equipment.
Theres a lot of hubs to choose from.
I use a Son28 but Shutter Precision are new to the game and making a good reputation for themselves at a cheaper price albeit for less warranty.

Hope everyone finds the best and cost effective solution for their needs.
I at first balked at the cost because it is a shock to get over initially but in use, I'm so damn happy I never remember the start up costs.

I originally got into dynamohubs purely for light but have since moved on and now rely on my hub to also keep my Edge 800 gps and mobile phone charged.
Its been such a good reliable system that I have no hesitation buying my secondary system for laptop and camera gear charging as well as recommending its consideration to others.

Good luck with your purchase decision making and best wishes for what ever you decide works best for you.

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