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Originally Posted by wphamilton View Post
If it's true that mandatory helmet use is more prevalent where there is more active cycling advocacy, and I have no particular reason to doubt it, there is one reason which strikes me as likely. Advocating for helmet use is low-hanging fruit. It's a highly visible issue, emotionally charged, and contentious yet easily understood by most people. Passionately taking up the cause, representing themselves as understanding an issue where a good portion of people are uninformed or reckless in a particular detail, seems to be a prefered tactic for people wishing to present themselves as experts. I can see how that would be attractive for those wanting to advance themselves in advocacy, primarily a political endeavor.
This is an important point but it might work better for people who are not bicyclie advocates. It could work against "bicycle advocacy" by annoying/alienating (many) bicyclists.

There's strong evidence that "bicycle advocacy" doesn't necessarily mean MHL. Evidence which people (including the reasonable FBinNY) are overlooking.

1) LAB encourages helmet use but (as far as I know) don't advocate adult MHL.
2) NYC (where FBinNY is from) as multiple large "bicycle advocacy" groups, none (as far as I know) don't advocate adult MHL. NYC is probably among the top 5 places for "bicycle advocacy".

(Yes, I'm talking about adult MHL, specificially. People, including anti-helmet people, don't seem to have much issue with helmet use by children and even children MHL. Interestingly, there's a lot less controversy with helmet use by children.)


I'm going with "you really have no idea". You are just speculating (which is OK if you are aware of the risk and that it could be wrong). And, like sixjours and FBinNYC, you are imaging what your opponents are thinking (without letting them say what they are actually thinking).

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