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Originally Posted by njkayaker View Post
This is an important point but it might work better for people who are not bicyclie advocates. It could work against "bicycle advocacy" by annoying/alienating (many) bicyclists.

There's strong evidence that "bicycle advocacy" doesn't necessarily mean MHL. Evidence which people (including the reasonable FBinNYC) are overlooking.

1) LAB encourages helmet use but (as far as I know) don't advocate adult MHL.
2) NYC (where FBinNYC is from) as multiple large "bicycle advocacy" groups, none (as far as I know) don't advocate adult MHL. NYC is probably among the top 5 places for "bicycle advocacy".

(Yes, I'm talking about adult MHL, specificially. People, including anti-helmet people, don't seem to have much issue with helmet use by children and even children MHL. Interestingly, there's a lot less controversy with helmet use by children.)


I'm going with "you really have no idea". You are just speculating. And, like sixjours and FBinNYC, you are imaging what your opponents are thinking (without letting them say what they are actually thinking).
I'll remind you that I did say "iIf it's true that mandatory helmet use is more prevalent where there is more active cycling advocacy" which leads me to wonder what your motivation is in saying "you really have no idea" whether it's true. Comes off as a pointless personal attack, an illogical one at that.

Regarding what they're thinking, we do see advocacy for mandatory helmet use just about everywhere. Practically every news article reporting whether the accident victim wore a helmet, because the cops writing the report present it as a critical factor. Invariably when medical professionals speak out on the subject. On and on, ubiquitously. There isn't any reasonable question about whether or not there is a strong advocacy for mandatory use; there is, obviously. The question FBinNYC posed is whether there is a correlation between MHL and strong advocacy groups, and if so why. The reason I give appears to be the most likely, until someone can present some factual information suggesting otherwise.
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