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I've basically sworn off this thread as pointless, but for the record, I never said (accused?) that bicycle advocates were asking or would ask for MHLs. I said they couldn't be counted on to speak against them.

There's a key difference, but the ultimate effect is the same.

The bicycle advocacy literature is rife with "always wear a helmet" advice. And most advocacy groups have a strong pro helmet stance (not pro MHL, just strongly pro helmet as a necessary safety measure).

Laws like MHLs don't need advocates to ask for them, they happen like mold on bread. Some well meaning legislator wishing to do something about the tragic loss of life thinks this is a good idea and proposes law. The literature of bicycle advocates suppots helmet use, the folks coming to testify at public hearings mostly wear helmets (or at least those with some sort of "credentials"). Those speaking against the proposed MHL will be seen as ignorant louts compared to the "experts" and voila the stage is set.

Bicycle advocacy groups don't have to ask for or even support MHLs, but they'll get them whether desired or not the same way Henry II solved his Becket problem.

BTW- I woudn't be at all surprised to see a serious attempt to pass a MHL law in NYC within the first term of the new administration. There's already a culture that decrees that any effort to expand bicycle use should be coupled with a free helmet program. It's only a hop, skip and jump from there to an MHL.

But don't believe me, nor should it matter to anyone who already wears a helmet, and firmly believes everyone else should also.
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