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Originally Posted by njkayaker View Post
If you count total words (over all these thread), it might not be as heavily "pro helmet" as you think. (If the post is a "organ donor" snipe, it's not a serious post.)

You don't seem to realize the same thing happens in the other direction too.

Apparently, anybody who suggests that helmets might provide some benefit is necessarily a "rabid advocate" for them (and for "mandatory helmet laws")!!
No I realize that, but it's a numbers game. There are large numbers of true believers out there and on this forum, who constantly remind non-helmet wearers of their foolishness.

Try this experiment at home. I assume that everyone who reads this has ta least one friend or associate who rides without a helmet. Ask how often they are verbally accosted by strangers with the "where's your helmet?", or how often they've been asked hwy they don't wear a helmet.

Ask a parallel question of folks you know who ride with helmets.

I'll bet 10 beers to one (your word is good enough for me) that those who don't wear helmets get yelled at markedly more than those who do.

That is what makes those who don't wear helmets, not anti-helmet, but anti-helmet proselytizers.

There is a legitimate spectrum of opinion on the benefits of helmets, and the extent of protection they afford under various conditions. Likewise there's a large spectrum of opinion regarding just how safe bicycling is under various conditions, and to what extent, or where or when helmets are of greatest or least benefit.

But, it's difficult to discuss the subtleties because the rabid (not all) helmet advocates (not wearers) (it's sad that I have to keep qualifying this difference to prevent being quoted out of context) don't want to hear of any reason which might attempt to justify the choice about whether to wear one or not.

Helmets save lives has become dogma, and as long it's dogma, we can expect those less knowledgeable (legislators) to buy into the dogma and pass MSLs. Why wouldn't they? Can we count on helmet wearing bicycle advocates to enter the fray arguing that MSL's are bad law? And even if they chose to put such an argument forward, how can they square it with their stance in support of the helmets saves lives dogma?
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