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Originally Posted by FBinNY View Post
No I realize that, but it's a numbers game. There are large numbers of true believers out there and on this forum, who constantly remind non-helmet wearers of their foolishness.
Those people aren't making a serious argument. And their opinion isn't going to change. You should ignore them.

It's actually the moderate people who you should address. And "you" have to be careful not to assume they hold a position they don't hold. Otherwise, you are establishing that you aren't listening to their comments and make it pointless for them to take you seriously. All that moderates are likely to see is that "you" think they are the ones yelling at you.

Originally Posted by FBinNY View Post
But, it's difficult to discuss the subtleties because the rabid (not all) helmet advocates (not wearers) (it's sad that I have to keep qualifying this difference to prevent being quoted out of context) don't want to hear of any reason which might attempt to justify the choice about whether to wear one or not.
Which means you should ignore these people.
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