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The "hubbub" cable attachment mentioned by lasauge works just the opposite of how one would want if they were using 8s Dura-Ace shifters, i.e. the derailer's travel is further reduced using the hubbub cable attachment.
The Hubbub attachment is most useful for adapting Shimano derailers to work with Campagnolo Ergo shifters (allowing one to use 9s cassette spacing with 10s Ergoshifters, instead of having to use 8s cassette spacing).

But for using non-Dura-Ace 8s shifters with non-Dura-Ace derailers (having any # of speeds), the Hubbub attachment will change the cog spacing requirement from 8s to 9s (i.e. reduced movement of the derailer).
It would similarly change the cog spacing requirement from 9s to 10 when using 9s shifters with perhaps a 10s cassette with one cog removed.

There is also the traditional "alternate" cable routing, more or less to the opposite side of the pinch bolt, which will increase the derailer's travel so as to allow a pre-9s Dura-Ace shifter to index the same # of speeds using any non-Dura-Ace rear derailer.

I've done all of these mods and more, and most work as described. There is a difference between 7s and 8s cog spacing that I find useful to keep in mind when switching between those spacings, as one often does when having to use a freewheel with 7 speeds on an older wheel. In other words, one can be fussy about these details of they want their shifting to be equivalent to an unmolested, brand-new bike.

The people riding all these modern bikes must think that I'm seriously warped for actually preferring to use friction shifters, but I find that with modern chains, cables and careful selection and setup of the components, that downtube or stem friction shifting can work far better than it ever did back in the day.
Not that I don't appreciate what modern bikes have to offer, I do enjoy the feeling of confidence when attacking a serpentine, 15-minute climb amidst fast company on the stock, 2004 Orbea Orca that I bought myself in December.

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