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Originally Posted by wrk101 View Post
I am assuming it is a Raleigh USA. Given description, I might pay $25 for it, $50 max. Hard to overcome "fair paint". Components can be swapped/upgraded, given your description, that's some serious $$ in replacements. Repainting often costs more than the completed project, so after you are done, you will have a lot of money into a bike with fair paint.

In great condition, its a $250 bike. 1986 is the Huffy/Raleigh era, which I am not that fond of. Certainly the GP was head and shoulders better than anything with the Huffy brand name.

From wikepedia:

"In 1982, rights to the Raleigh USA name were purchased by the Huffy Corporation. Under the terms of the agreement,Raleigh of England licensed Huffy to design and distribute Raleigh bicycles in the USA,[SUP][6][/SUP] and Huffy was given instant access to a nationwide network of bike shops."
My '85 Raleigh USA touring bicycle is excellent. It's an Alyeska. I paid somewhere in the mid $300s for it in nearly unridden condition on ebay. (orig gold chain & freewheel had no grease, etc...)

Re-branded Reynolds 501 frame, great geometry and correct fittings for touring.

I'm not sure when Taiwanese manufacturing began to put out quality bicycles, but IME, these are definitely very nice, very underrated bicycles. More bikes pass through WRK's hands than mine, but I think that the association with HUFFY alone isn't enough to damn this run of bicycles.
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