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Originally Posted by Trakhak View Post
I still regret that I didn't buy an Alyeska when I was working at a Raleigh dealership in the late '80s. Those were fantastic bikes. Not rebranded 501, though; you can be sure that any bike company that paid for genuine Reynolds tubing would use the Reynolds decal.

If you're curious about this, you can check google images for a 1986 Raleigh USA spec sheet. The same page that lists the Reynolds 531 tubing---three main tubes---for the Raleigh Grand Prix shows that the Alyeska used Raleigh 555 tubing, a.k.a. Tange or Ishiwata tubing, with a decal design that was meant to suggest kinship to Reynolds.
Some have argued in other threads that it was actually reynolds-produced and sold to Raleigh USA, which is what I was going by. Asian production, though, makes it more likely that the "Raleigh 555" was as you say from Tange or Ishiwata. I'd bet it's pretty much equivalent to the 501 seamed tubeset, though.

Regardless, it's a great bike.

Gratuitous shot of the day I got it (did your shop sell them with Raleigh branded toeclip straps/waterbottle/rims?):

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