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The Little Miami Trail (pdf map link) runs from Xenia south to near Cincinnati.

The miles near Xenia OH become urban/suburban, with road crossings.

The trail from the south end up to a few miles north of Loveland OH are often busy on weekends, with walkers, skaters, kids on bikes, dogs, etc. Weekdays are quiet, and sections that are a few miles from a trail head have mostly bike traffic.

The trail uses an old railroad route, mostly along the Little Miami River valley. Much of the route is shaded by trees. The trail south of Morrow is down in the river valley, with wooded hillsides.

My favorite sections of the trail, from a Cincinnati perspective. These three sections include the whole trail, 55 miles from Xenia south to Avoca Park near Cincinnati. See the pdf map above to see the trail heads, and which ones have bathrooms and water.


Loveland OH to Morrow OH. 13.4 miles each way. This is mostly shaded by woods, running along the Little Miami River valley. If I only had one ride on the trail, I would ride this section. A nice summer route.

Loveland is a major trail head, with a city bike park, car parking, restaurants, and lots of trail usage on the weekends. I like the graceful concrete arch bridge that the trail passes under. Another interesting sight is the old Peterson cartridge factory, now mostly abandoned, with a fancy tall tower. The trail stop in Morrow is in the old railroad section of town, with some ice cream shops and an old train station.


Morrow-Xenia is 29 miles each way. ( or ride the best section, Morrow to Corwin, 14.5 miles each way.) It's a bit uphill on the last 6 miles to Xenia, just enough to notice, 160 feet in 6 miles. Mile 16 to 19 on the map is mostly farmland, with few trees for shade, hot in the summer sun. Corwin OH trail stop has water and bathrooms. Oregonia OH has a trailside restaurant. The Fort Ancient Indian mounds are just up the hill from the trail, but that's a very steep climb, at least a 12% grade.

The twin I-71 bridges are being replaced, and the trail passes under them. I don't know of any trail closures there, but they will be demolishing one of the old bridges soon. 2017: All done now.


Closer to Cincinnati, the Loveland-Milford-Avoca trail head is a nice ride, 12.3 miles each way. It can be quite busy on weekends. The south end of the trail is a couple of miles from the Avoca Park trail head, but there's limited parking there. Future extensions will go all the way to downtown Cincinnati, but that's years in the future. Most of this ride is shaded, under trees in the valley.

EDIT -- the trail now extends about 3 more miles, to the future site of a bridge across the river to connect to the Cincinnati bike trails. Ends at the parking lot: 5036 Batavia Road, Cincinnati OH 45244


South of Corwin OH:

restaurant in Oregonia OH. (EDIT -- in 2017, lunch reports have been mixed, not the same as it used to be.)

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