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Cincinnati is quite hilly. Eden Park and Ault Park are interesting, but there's some big climbs to get to them.
--Edited: this route is all bike paths or dedicated bike lanes--

--I rode this route today, and I since I ride this area all the time, I kind of forgot just how nice this route is. There's a lot of Ohio River views, hillside views on both sides of the river, and the parks have a lot of interesting details. I hadn't seen the new "Shark Girl" sculpture at Sawyer Point. A dad was taking a picture with his little girl sitting next to it. EDIT--oh, too bad, no shark girl, that was just a temporary installation.
This is a scenic flat river route (ridewithgps map link), 12.6 miles each way. Most of it is bike trail or walkways in the city parks. 2.5 miles are on Riverside Drive with a dedicated bike lane. Drivers on Riverside see bikes all the time, so it's safe to ride. But it's very busy at rush hour. 10am to 3pm weekdays will be quiet, and weekends will have more walkers and riders on the Lunken loop trail.

The ride:
Armleder Park is a reclaimed sand and gravel pit, sitting in a flood zone. It's now prairie and some trees. It has expansive views, and a dog park.

There's a new connector trail to link to the Lunken Airport loop trail. (It's sort of hard to notice. Look for the small shelter before the dog park and turn left there.) It has a 40 foot tall, 4% grade climb. The 5 mile loop trail is popular with runners, skaters, and bike riders, and it gets quite busy on weekends.

Lunken Airport is now a small jet and prop plane airport. The Lunken Terminal building is small, Art Deco, with an 1930's tiny airplane hanging in the lobby. The interior is completely original. It has bathrooms and a nice restaurant, the Sky Galley, with outdoor seating.

The trail now continues, and turns toward the river at a newer school building on stilts (for flooding). Then it continues on Riverside Drive, with a new bike lane.

St Rose Church
's back parking lot has benches at it's river overlook, with a sweeping view around the bend in the Ohio River, all the way downtown, and flood markers painted on the back wall.

The end of the ride is 2 miles through a series of riverfront parks. There's a lot to see here! Bikes are OK on the park walkways. Berry Park has interesting plantings and river views. Next is Sawyer Point, and then the newest park, Smale Park.

Smale Park is still getting completed. It has fancy water features, views of the river, Covington KY's historic river mansions, stadiums, and downtown, and is right next to the 1865 Roebling Suspension Bridge. There's an attached bike center, with rentals, repair and bike parking. EDIT--The park is complete, with lots of water features, gardens, and playgrounds. (The bike center appears to be closed.)

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