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+1 to B. Carfree's post above.

Stagecoaches used big diameter wheels for a reason. 700's may be less nimble on a single track but they may smooth out washboard a little better. If you travel a lot of gravel roads they may be a better choice.

One one trip I arrived in Crested Butte CO via Schofield Pass on my touring rig with 700x35's and set up camp about 8 miles out of town on a rather washboarded gravel road. I stayed for 2 weeks for their annual "Fat Tire Bike Week". After several days of cruising in and out of town on the 700's at full speed I rented a 26er mt bike with 2" knobbies (pre-suspension) for the Fat Tire Week. Suddenly the washboarded road was a jarring kidney shaker despite the wider tires. I suppose this could have been due to my more flexible touring frame but I suspect it was the wheels.

With the popularity of "29er" mt bikes fat 700's are now widely available. Make sure your rims and frame will take the extra width.

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