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126mm cassette hubs - rather nubie-like questions

First, a gratuitous photo of a nice hubset.

Okay, as a true Rip van Winkle, my bikes have been freewheel based. I also seem to attract nice hubs, as I now have too many. Somehow, as I have several bikes spaced at 126mm. I have impulse collected several 126mm cassette hubsets. SO, I have a couple dumb questions about the cassettes, ‘cause I have almost no experience with them.

This regards mostly the Shimano 105SC series hubs, as in the photo above. I have two sets. That says I should build one sooner rather than later. SO, now to choose a cassette that I can use. The 105SC is HG compatible.

Thus, the dumb question. The 105SC at 126mm will apparently take either 6 or 7 speed cassettes, depending on the spacers. Will ANY HG cassette, including the many more recent HG-20/30/50/70/90 series, fit if it has the correct 6 or 7 speed spacers? What is the difference between all these different HG series, beyond color? I assume the lowest end is made from pot metal, and the most expensive are titanium. What is the happy medium, if these work?

I do understand that the recent cogs meant for 9, 10, 11, and more are NOT under consideration. This would be, generally speaking, 8-speed cogs and below, I believe. y/n?

Among those, are all HG cassette cog sets essentially equal?

I’ll be wanting to build a rather wide spread, say 13-32, although 13-28 is fine, too. The question is about sourcing good cassette sets.

What production run of HG cogs would be the optimum match for the hubs above?

Any attempts, futile or otherwise, to educate me will be greatly appreciated.

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