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The first thing I'd suggest is to measure the diameter of the handlebars to see if they are at least 23.8mm, which is the size of the clamping band on the levers. If your handlebars are somehow smaller, then no amount of tightening is going to help.

Another possibility is that you have cracked or damaged the plastic brake lever housings through overtightening. Also, check to make sure the clamp bolts aren't bottoming out on the handlebar.

If you have installed the levers on a portion of the handlebar which has a high curvature (tight radius), the brake lever housings might not seat properly, resulting in slippage.

FWIW, the only time I've experienced brake lever slippage problems has been with carbon handlebars, where I couldn't over tighten the clamps due to the possibility of damaging the bars.
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