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As you have discovered, random tinkering is not a good approach. A new derailleur won't help if you are taking an incorrect approach to tuning it. In addition to the inner limit screw, too loose a cable will prevent shifting to the large cog, not only too tight an outer limit screw but also a bent-in hanger or too much cable friction can prevent reaching the small cog. A bad shifter can cause either problem.

If you want to keep trying it on your own Google adjust rear derailleur, skip the videos for now and go through the procedure on parktool.com/blog and/or sheldonbrown.com - but keep in mind that correct shifting depends on the shift cable and lever as well as the derailleur. Standard index derailleur procedures apply. Go through from start to finish, using videos to see the procedure live once you understand the written instructions.

I'll give you one quick hint - try backing off the low limit screw and then (carefully) shifting to the large cog by pushing in directly on the derailleur - bypassing the cable. Loosen the cable completely to see if it reaches the small cog when you back off the high limit. If both work that way it's not the derailleur.


Bethlehem Bicycle Cooperative
1935 W Broad St, Bethlehem, PA 18018
(610) 954-5744

I'm surprised you would not seek out them immediately - only about 4 miles from downtown Allentown. I would expect that the $55 for the membership that gets you access to the shop and tools is well worth it.
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