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Originally Posted by howeeee View Post
Yea I am gonna get foot retention, I just bought that clown color scheme bike cause it was only 150 bucks and didnt have 10 miles on it. Later I will build my own I got the bike in the fall and only rode it a few times.

I am going to practice standing up, I can stand up and ride lol even though I am 60 but I just havent done it much on a fixie. Give me a break here, taking up riding a fixie at 60 is similar to taking up skateboarding at 60.
Howeeee this forum can be a bit "raw", but you can learn a lot about fixed bikes and riding fixed. Most comments are made for the OPs benefit regardless of how brutally presented. I'm 68 and been riding fixed for a year a lot on the road. Often with geared riders-lots of fun. If you are like me I wanted to give fixed a try while I could still get a leg over the top tube! My advice is to read the stickys at the beginning of the forum and use the search engine in the forum before posting. I'm not suggesting your post was not appropriate but lots of questions I've had I found by searching the threads and avoided "heat" for not looking first. Have fun riding.
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