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Training Plan critique & questions

Hi Everyone.

I am doing the NYC 5 boro bike tour on May 4th. It is a 40 mile ride. It will be my first organized ride. I had hoped to start riding earlier in the season but we have had a crappy winter. I just started riding again this week (10m on Thurs & 12 on Sat). To give you context of where I am as a cyclist. I did about 1000 miles last year (March-Dec). I was on pace to do about 1300-1400, but I had a second baby mid summer and it became really hard to find the time to ride. I rode inconsistently in the fall with my longest ride at about 37 miles. Anyway, I created a training plan below to try to be ready for the ride on May 4th. Sunday will be my long day. Monday recovery ride. Wednesday speed/interval. Friday moderate pace. I am skipping the last Friday to get 3 days off and come in with my legs fresh. Does this seem like a reasonable plan? I'm slightly nervous because I have never done more that 200 miles in a month. I was usually averaging about 50 miles a week on a good week and my riding wasn't structured other than the fact that i would do my longer rides on the weekends.

One additional question. To keep up with my training I want to be able to use the exercise bike at the gym if there are days that the weather is too crappy to ride (snow again? thunderstorms). Is there any rough estimate to how much the mileage on an exercise bike would calculate to on a real bike? Or should I just stick to doing it for the same amount of time as it would take me to do my planned distance on my real bike?

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