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Thanks you both for the replies. I appreciate the feedback. I am really anxious and excited to get back on the bike. Not just because of the event, but I just enjoy riding and like the work out.

I do try to listen to my body. I am in my mid 30s. Not terribly old, but past the point of recovering quickly without rest and a good diet. Didn't do alot of conditioning in my 20s so I suffered a few injuries that I learned from in my late 20s/ early 30s. If I have to rest I will likely sacrifice the weds and/or friday ride and try to keep up with the increase in my long rides each week. My diet has improved dramatically in the last few months and its my hope that it results in better training for me.

And yes I do have a heart rate monitor that I use every ride. It came with my garmin edge. I typically try to use it to see trends over time and not obsess during a ride. Although I have used it on occasion after a tough ride to make sure my recovery ride is truly a recovery ride. And based what on you are saying I would take away that I should more actively keep a pulse on my heart rate to make sure I am working in the ride zone for my intended ride. And in the event that I have to take it indoors I can use that for reference and try to replicate the effort.

Thanks again!
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