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[*]How to prevent the work from bonding on the mold?

>>mold release , essentially wax ..[*]I'm not not sure how to clamp the strips on the mold, if needed;

>>build a jig to make an inside curved space and inflate an Innertube bladder,within
to push each ply into the other .. and press out excess epoxy/glue.
then hold it there till it cures

or go top shelf .. build a Vacuum Bagging rig ..
suck the air out of the bag surrounding your mold with a vacuum pump.

[*]Not sure how thick the fender needs to be;

>>you figure it out **

[*]Should I worry about mixing the grain direction

Worry , it's a choice .. do it If you want to ...

how about bias ply 2 middle layers? .. **4 layers in total..

or study how they strip build canoes, it involves Steaming the wood to make it flexible.
and cooling it in shape ..

they make Guitar sides like that too.

hot wet wood put into the mold, held there, and cooled and dried .

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