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i had a roommate at one time that made classical guitars by hand. i remember him boiling one thin wooden side (it was of course straight at the time) of the guitar body on the stove for several hours in a handmade and soldered trough. he had also made a wooden frame/mold with a profile in the shape of the side.

he took the hot/boiled side off the stove and out of the trough and laid it on top of the wooden mold and stretched 30 or 40 big rubber bands one at a time over the top of the boiled side while gently forcing it to conform to the mold. each band was anchored on a partially screwed in screw in either side of the top of the mold. he left it like that for a day or two. when removed, the side was pretty close in shape to the form. it sprung back a little, but was easily persuaded to conform.

the wood was Indian Rosewood and about 3-4mm thick.

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