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Originally Posted by B. Carfree View Post
Those items don't appear by magic, but their appearances don't involve the use of a car, at least in the case of my household/work. Under our current development scheme, most of them travel by barge, truck and/or rail at some point, but cars aren't generally involved in any of the distribution networks I have been involved with.

Cars are mostly used to transport one person a relatively short distance. Regardless of the term one chooses to employ, anyone who takes steps to resist using a car to move themselves about is doing a good thing, IMO.
Within a city, small vans and sometimes even cars are used to transport goods. A van about the size Rowan and I have rolled up to my office the other day. When he opened the back, it was half full of bicycles in boxes and the other half was stationary supplies. He delivered stationary supplies to my office ... and presumably, one of his next stops was the Avanti shop up the road.

On most farms and orchards, where food is produced, the people who work there drive utes or pick-up trucks ... passenger vehicles with a utility purpose to get around the farm or orchard and to haul stuff back and forth.

Just a couple examples ... there are lots more.
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