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for something the thickness of veneer, you really don't need to steam. In fact, all but the most traditionalist guitar builders nowadays just get enough water on the slats to make them wet on the surface and then heat them. That is enough to make a 1/16" side bend perfectly, so thinner veneer will certainly bend fine. The problem with something with the shape of the wald is that you are asking some of the fibers to stretch quite a bit. Not going to happen. You can try it and see, but I'm pretty sure it isn't going to work. You can cut the veneer into strips, but I'm not sure if it will even want to conform to the sides without being really narrow.

I think bending wood is a hoot, it's worth messing around with it.

There are chemical treatments that help bending. Fabric softener used to work, but they have changed the formulation and I don't know if the new formulations work as well with wood.
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