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As I mentioned in my original post I believe that Lemonds are "nice bikes", I just have never thought of them as Classic and Vintage candidates. Perhaps it is because they seem a little common to me, many of my friends ride them. In fact, a couple of weeks ago I rode the Solvang Double Century with two friends, both of whom were riding Lemonds. One was a full carbon and the other a Ti / Carbon hybrid (I don't know the models). We rode together all day and finished in good time, about 13 hours overall. During the ride I never heard anyone comment, "Oh look, there's a Lemond." But, over the course of the day I did receive a number of inquiries about my 1991 Sancineto.

I suppose that 20 years from now a Lemond will be considered a "collectible vintage" of sorts. By most definitions the "classic era" ended around 1987 with the advent of indexed shifting and aero cable routing. The "post classic" era of the steel frame pretty much ended at the turn of the millennium even though smaller custom builders continue on. I do believe that steel frames will always remain relevant because of their many positive characteristics. I do not know how the many mass produced and disposable bikes that are currently available will be categorized. There may not be many of them left after a few years so they could well be collectors items too!
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