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Originally Posted by chieftwonuneez View Post

I have used Greyhound many times, when the need arose, but use caution. They want it in the bike box but two things. If you have to change buses, most places will NOT guarantee the bike can be taken on the transfer bus and they will lay the box on its side and throw as many boxes, bags and crap on top of it unless the bus is almost totally empty and the drive is approachable.
I've used Greyhound once ... and this is exactly what happened.

1. I needed to box my bicycle. They would not take it any other way.

2. It was laid flat, buried under everyone else's stuff.

3. At every bus transfer, I had to negotiate with check-in people and with bus drivers (who really don't care) to get my bicycle box on the next bus. I resorted bursting into tears at one point ...

4. I don't recall paying extra, but I might have done.

A tip ... if you do use Greyhound, as you pull into the station, look out the window and see if you can spot a trolley. If you can spot one (there will likely only be 1 or 2 around), run off the bus when it stops and grab it. Otherwise you'll end up dragging your box from one end of the train station to the other. Not easy, especially if you have other luggage to carry too.
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