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Edit: I have personally worked on one of those gmc road bikes if I'm not mistaken. I can undoubtedly say it is one of the worst bikes I've ever wrenched on. You know how they put grip shifters on road bars? They cut the bars in half, then use one low grade bolt to hold them together once installed. The aluminum frame also weighs more than any steel bike I've owned, and I doubt those components will last a year of commuting without constant adjustments, which if you can't do yourself quickly brings your bike budget way higher than it appears.

You will be spending more on a bike from wal mart in the long run, especially if maintenance costs are an issue. within the past week Giant bicycles in the sub $500 range have dropped in price considerably. IMO finding a local dealer who offers follow up service for free might just save your butt in the long term. Even before this drop in price giant often out performed the other big name competitors for their price, now in the entry level range it's no contest. Lifetime frame warranty, one year parts warranty, follow up service from an actual bike shop, and potentially a discount on accessories to boot. Doesn't have to be giant, IMO any decent company from a local shop with follow up service will be better off for you

Or just buy a wal mart bike and hope you don't have to instantly pay a shop eighty bucks or more to adjust everything for you.

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