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Originally Posted by AeroZ View Post

I'm not sure if this is the right forum to ask it but have anybody ordered bike parts from
Their prices are great, shipping is free. They also sell stuff on ebay with positive feedback/reviews.
Would it be even possible to counterfeit brakes and such? How would it be possible to have that good prices? I'd like to order new disc brakes but I'm a bit suspicious and on the other hand I don't want to pay double-triple the prices at my local LBS.
Double or triple on new parts at the LBS versus on line is not unusual. Convenience costs. The ability to talk to someone in person, get advice on which part to use and what size, all cost $$. I bought a few odds and ends parts at my LBS this evening. I wanted them now. I happily paid a premium for this convenience. And after buying a few items, he pulled out a vintage bike he had taken in trade, and made me a great deal on it. Win/win.

+10 Returning on line purchases can be a major PITA. Its really best suited when you know exactly what you need.

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