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I don't like getting up early and driving to do an organized charity ride. I only do a few each year. One is the ADA Tour de Cure (good cause), the other is a local ride starting 2 miles from my house. I do like having supported rest stops and not having to lock my bike to use a bathroom and get fluids/fuel.

Even on club rides I usually don't ride alongside others and chatter. I am very slow on the climbs but I have good speed on downhills and flats so it's more of a game of cat and mouse exchanging leads. I will make a little social contact with others where it's possible but not dwell on it.

I really do enjoy having the post-ride meal or parking lot socializing on both organized or club rides. It can be my only social contact for some weekends.

One of the nice advantages to the organized rides is the intersection / traffic control. Law enforcement controls intersections so bikes generally do not have to slow or stop. Sometimes lanes are coned off for exclusive use by bkes. Routes are often marked so cue sheets and maps aren't needed (much).

Homeowners along the routes are advised of the event and are reminded of the rules against loose dogs. Often they will set up lawnchairs curbside to cheer on the riders.

As far as the "senior citizen" set, I have ridden with several older individuals who are solid riders. We had a 78-year-old who averaged 18mph and floated up hills; our 65-year-old retirees are enjoying more time to ride and have more choices what time of day they ride. Most of the folks in my bike club are over 45 years old. We accommodate riders who average 11 to those averaging 20. Most riders are comfortable with 13-15.

I have ridden with a 65-ish guy who decided to do a "recovery" ride with me for 35 miles with hills. We averaged 14mph (the climbs killed me, he waited at hilltop), but got some decent speed 26-29mph avg on some some small rollers that netted out flat or slight descent. He had chemo the day before. There aren't a lot of century rides in the area so he does a lot of 100k rides including hilly ones. I don't believe he has a racing background but the decades of attention to physical fitness and good health habits are showing the results.

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