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Originally Posted by Andrew R Stewart View Post
I wonder what the OP does for work. Who his customers are, where they're located and how they can be paid. So then they can pay the OP (or the business that the OP works for). If you follow the money at some point you can see the money coming into the local community, or leaving it. Then ask yourself about how you get paid... Andy.
I don't care about local community and businesses if they don't want to adjust to current economy and the way market is operating. I would buy only in local stores if it was better service AND prices.
I don't see the need to open another big store if small space and selling online is the win-win for both sides.

Quick example:

2014 Subaru Outback Cargo cover:

Subaru MSRP $149.99 ,
Biggest local Subaru dealer: $189.00 ( $169.00 after I told them they must be stupid or think that I'm stupid ) ,
Ebay - Subaru dealer from MA: $139.00 WITH shipping.

Shimano SPD-A530:

LBS prices: $60.00 - $80.00 ( Jokers at one of the stores wants me to cover shipping to store bill on the top of their out of this world price )
Online prices: $41.00 - $60.00

I service my bikes myself and bought all the tools online - thanks to all the crappy LBS around here. They create an army of DIYers and online shoppers.
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